Reunion Progress    
50th Ashtabula High School 1969 Reunion to be held August 17, 2019 at the Elks.    

Handsome devil isn't he?

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     Hello Ashtabula Classmates! To keep everyone informed, I will give everyone an update on the reunion plans.

  We had the first meeting of the 50th reunion committee for the class of 1969, Ashtabula. There were nine of us there. I expected more but there are usually more for the second or third meeting. I suggested that instead of having finger food like we have had in the past, to have a sit down dinner like steak or fish. Everyone agreed with me. So, I guess we got the food selection is out of the way. We also talked about a band and/or DJ. I personally think we should have a DJ. A band might be nice if we could afford one but with a DJ we could ask for requests. Maybe we could have both. However, if everyone wanted a band I could ask my cousins, The Chuck Hamilton Band. They are extremely good with a variety of instruments which includes guitars, piano, bass, sax and trumpet. I have posted them on Facebook before. They play every Saturday Night at Annabel's Diner in Mentor with an antique car show. They also suggested that we have the reunion at the Elks Lodge. Members of the committee so far are me, I forget my name, Nancy (Airaksinen) Brail, Doug Blanchard, Debra (Presciano) LaPierri, Mary Cress, Tom Partridge, Debbie (Pinney) Holtling, Deanna Evans and Dave Baker. I'm sorry girls. I just can't remember some of your married names right now. Heck, I can't remember my married name sometimes!    
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting, table and indoorImage may contain: one or more people, people sitting, table and indoor    
                                              Seven members of the reunion committee.                                                                       Dave Baker and Doug Blanchard    
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                                            I think Nancy  fell asleep while Tom was talking to her!                                                            
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                                                    Nancy, still sleeping!                                                                                                              All nine of us minus me.
Our first meeting was held at Martinis Restaurant which used to be the old Country Club.    
From the 2004 Reunion Committee    
     The first set of pictures seen below  were taken at Tom Partridge's house. We are in the progress of affixing address labels to the invitations.    
     The second set of pictures were taken at Bob Sheer's house. The reunion meetings seem to be getting better and better. If they get any better, none of the reunion committee will need to come to the reunion. Just kidding guys! It's just that we'll be starting the reunion party about a month before the it officially begins!    
     I know everyone I'm crazy! The trip to Columbus explains why. You see boys and girls, I'm the Village Idiot! In Columbus I'd just be a normal person. Actually I used to live in Madison County near West Jefferson. There if you do something for the community, you are appreciated. Here, they try to destroy you. The problem here is that this city is thirty years in the past. The problem here is that the politicians have never lived in another city (at least not in the past thirty years) and have never ever studied or went to another city to take a good look.    
     While I was in Columbus at my daughter's house, I was able to get in touch with just about everyone there. I phoned Doug Herl's house and since the house didn't know how to talk and Doug wasn't home, his daughter answered the phone. I had a very pleasant conversation with Doug's daughter. If I can remember right, Doug's daughter told me Doug had two daughters and Doug has lived in Columbus since the early seventies? Anyway, Doug's Daughter said she was twenty four and she sounded very lovely over the phone. Must take after her mother. Only kidding Doug! She made me wish I was twenty four again. Heck! I settle for thirty four!             
     Anyway, I finally got a hold of Doug. I interrupted him mowing his grass. Incidentally, I just mowed my grass a few days ago. Most of the trees down there already have leaves on them and the tress here at the time were just starting to get buds on them.    
     I had a very nice conversation with Doug even though I remember more what his daughter said to me than what Doug said to me. We talked mostly about the classmates that lived in the Columbus area. Like me when I lived down there, I didn't know about all the classmates that lived in the Columbus area. Doug also said he couldn't imagine living in Ashtabula especially the way Ashtabula is today. Well, if things don't change by this fall, I'll be joining my fellow classmates in the Columbus area again. Doug also said that he and his wife may be coming to the reunion. (Doug, send to me some pictures of your family and I'll post them on the web site.    
     I also spoke with Sue Amidon. She seems to be doing very well. I believe she told me she was a teacher. I should write these things down. Anyway, she pulled the same trick that Jerry Manus did. They both have eleven year sons! I have a twelve year old granddaughter! Bob and Brenda Loyd Simon has a thirteen year old granddaughter! Anyway, Sue said she may come to the reunion. I couldn't get her to commit. Pretty please with sugar on it Sweet Sue!    
     I also phoned Sandy Emmel and Linda Baird. neither one of them had e-mail addresses at home. I had a nice conversation with the both of them. Sandy Emmel worked with my daughter at one time. She is a nurse. I feel I need a nurse sometimes. Any nurses out there want to visit me? Anyway, again if I'm not mistaken, Linda Baird works with Doug Herl's wife.    
     I also talked with Linda Meredith. She has some type of craft business where she and her daughter travels. She says she is booked the weekend of the reunion but maybe a little luck, she and her husband Ron Scott (class of 1970 Harbor) might be able to make it.    
    I also had a nice conversation with Carol Palmer. I went throughout elementary school with her and her brother. For the life of me , I can't remember his name! (Only kidding Harold!) Carol is a school teacher at a Christian Academy. We had a very long conversation. Harold did not get much time to talk to me. He was too busy listening to me explaining to him where my daughter lived!    
     Harold and I had a great visit. We talked about yesterday. Harold and his sister were very good friends to me in school. Carol was and still is a sweet girl. If you think I'm calling Harold sweet, you have a long wait! However Harold, you are a heck of a nice guy! Harold said he would sing for us at the reunion. Visit his web site at:    
     I had to leave early from Columbus because of important business came up else where. Next time I come to Columbus, I've been invited to have dinner with Harold and Carol.    
       While I was there, I tried to get in touch with Frank Hood's widow. Frank lived in the Columbus area. He passed away last fall. I was unable to get a hold of his widow. I phoned his brother Jim in Ashtabula and he is supposed to get me an obituary.    
     I'm sure everyone would like to offer their condolences to Bob Sheer and Doug Harper. Their mothers passed away about two weeks apart last month.    
     I hope everyone enjoys Darrell's World. I try to make facts interesting and entertaining. My adlibs are not meant to offend anyone. I write my newspaper columns the same way. Of course I'm a little more discreet when I write a biography column. If the newspaper editor can put up with me, I figure, hey! You can too. Besides the newspapers actually pay me!    

Left to Right: Alex Maunus (Jerry's son), Tom Partridge, Doug Harper, Debra (Presciano) LaPierre, Nancy (Airaksinen) Brail, Bob Sheer

The same as on the left except Jerry Maunus is sitting at the table.

Same as above except for Vickie Partridge at the far right.

Left to Right: Tom, Nancy, Debra, Bob, Jerry, Sherry

 By the way, I'm the one who is taking the pictures. You don't think I'm crazy enough to have my picture taken do you?

Right after I took this picture Nancy said, "Oh my God! You took a picture of me eating!" I guess taking a picture of a women eating is a no no! Showing a picture of a women eating is probably deadly. In lieu of followers, please donate to your local animal shelter or mine. Besides my cats I feed the birds, squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs and yes even the skunks. When one of my neighbors saw me bend down and pat a skunk on the head, they were ready to commit me. You see I've been feeding this skunk (Gimpy) for years. He only has three legs. He lost his leg in a trap. He is very tame and  I rarely ever smell a skunk odor around my house. That also goes for his wife and family. Anyway boys and girls, I hope you have enjoyed my update. I had a couple of more pictures to post but I decided if I wanted to live to the reunion, I'd had better not post them. Let's just say Nancy and Bob were dancing, Sherry was doing some cheers and Debra was singing the Alma Mater. Remember "We are fine, we are fine, we are the class of 69." I remember the class of 68 used to cheer, "We are great, we are great, we are the class of 68. I wonder what the class of 1970 said???  Debra was singing the Alma Mater. She knew about all the words. We thought it would be great to get Harold Palmer to sing it at the opening of the reunion. I tried to get Debra to e-mail it to me but I haven't heard anything from her. If anyone has the words and music to the Alma Mater, please e-mail it to me please. We also started on classmates names. Sherry Cooley is not cool any more. She is now Sherry Faulk. Nancy has to feel her way around and read brail. I bet her husband likes that. Bob is full of sheer energy. Also did you know that a partridge is now a black bird? I then begin to think about other classmates names. Mimi Cress didn't really want to change her name so she married a Kress. I wonder if Glenis' husband cuts his lip when he kisses her? Cindy Diamond was a diamond in the rough. Now she is a saint (St. Angelo). Charleen Diedrichs married the man of steel (Steele). I never thought Tom was a doll but his sister was (Tom Doll). Then there's Cindy Frost. I better not go there. I never thought Kathy was a hansom man (Kathy Hanselman). Well, I guess I could go on but I've probably bored you enough. Besides, Doug Harper is beginning to HARP at me!

                                                                      Harold Palmer at my daughter's (Traci) house.                   Darrell & Harold