L A Café

This Hamilton clock came out of the Sterling Jewelers. Two Tom Turkeys!
Just think, the Hamilton name is proudly displayed at L A Cafe! Great job Tom! Tom Simon & Tom Doll

Early in the evening outside of L A Cafe

Bob & Cheryl Sheer  - Dave Sparks Tom Partridge, Doug Harper, Tom Doll
L A Cafe - Outside
        Gene Hartman & Bud Staley - Picture on left is courtesy of Dave Sparks
Outside of L A Cafe - Picture courtesy of Dave Sparks  
Gene Hartman & Doug Blanchard Gene Hartman: "Thirty five years!"
Julie Fassett - Class of 1970 Inside L A Cafe Outside L A Cafe

                 Outside of L A Cafe   


L A Cafe - Outside

David & Alma (Gerrick) Keaton, Jerry Maunus, Bud Staley

Glenis Cutlip

Mike Herron & Dave Simon

Sandi (Freeland) Hartman - Class of 1968

Sharon Hamilton & Sandi Hartman

Tom Simon (left background) & Debbie Root

left to right: Gene Hartman, Bud Staley, Donna (Lewis) Mundi, Cindy (Strain) Kitchen, Dave Sparks  
Outside of L A Cafe

All pictures without photo credits are courtesy of Darrell E. Hamilton