The Settlement of Matthew Hubbard
Darrell E. Hamilton

      Matthew  Hubbard  came  to  Ashtabula  as  agent for his uncle,
Nehemiah  Hubbard who had purchased a large tract of land from
the  Connecticut  Land  Company.  The  large  tract of  land nearly
comprised all of what is now Ashtabula City.
       On  May  21,  1804,  Matthew  Hubbard  left Trenton,  New  York
with  William  Pierce,  a young  man hired by Matthew Hubbard to
be a companion and  laborer  for the  summer.  Along  the  way, the
two men meet up with  Joshua  Stow of Connecticut who was  with
the  company  which  surveyed   Western  Reserve  into Townships.
On  June 3, 1804,  the  three  men  reached  the  Ashtabula  River  at
which time,  Joshua  Stowe  parted  their  company to continue his
journey west to the Cuyahoga River.
         Having   crossed   the  Ashtabula  River,  Hubbard  and   Pierce
went  in  search  of  th George  Beckwith cabin.  Thinking the cabin
would be deserted,  both  men  were surprised to find the widow of
George  Beckwith  and  her  two  small  daughters still living in the
cabin. Also at the Beckwith cabin at  the  time  were  Samuel  Beck-
with, brother of George Beckwith, and a Mr, & Mrs. Thompson.
        After  the  metting at the Beckwith cabin, the two men continu-
ed on.  On  June 4  they  arrived  in Austinburg where they meet up
with  Judge  Austin,  founder  of  Austinburg.  At  the Austin  cabin,
Hubbard  and Pierce were treated with the abode of hospitality of
which they had never seen before among strangers.
         After  leaving  Austinburg, the two traveled back to Ashtabula
to  erect  a  log  cabin.  The  site  Mathew   Hubbard picked was just
south of the Beckwith log cabin.
         Matthew  Hubbard's  mission  to Ashtabula was to be an agent
for his uncle and to look out after his uncle's interest.  In exchange
for his services,  Matthew  Hubbard  was  to receive a large tract of
land to become a permanent settler.  Matthew  Hubbard would not
become  a  permanent  settler  in  1804.  Every  year  for  four  years,
Matthew  Hubbard  would  leave  Ashtabula and spend the winters
in  the  East.  It  was  not  until  1808  that Matthew Hubbard would
build a permant home on South Ridge to bring his family to Ashta-
bula in April of 1808.
          Matthew  Hubbard  was  born  in Middletown, Connecticut on
April 29, 1783.  At  the  age  of  fifteen,  he moved with his parents to
Trenton,  New York.  He was married less than seven months when
he  made  his  first  trip  to  Ashtabula. Matthew Hubbard left many
desendants  as  twelve  children  were  born  to  Matthew and Mary
Willard  Hubbard.  He  died  at  the  age  of   87  in 1869. Him and his
wife are both buried in Chestnut Grove Cemetery.