Ashtabula Bicentennial Celebration
                   June 6-15, 2003           
Friday, June 6
11:00 a. m. - Opening Ceremonies  - North Park
Opening prayer and dedication
with the Rev. Kenny Roberts
Speakers - Darrell E. Hamilton, Augie Pugliese, Samuel C. Bucci, Joseph J. Pete, Stephen J. McClure, State Rep. George Distel, Senator Marc Dann
The Ashtabula Bicentennial Celebration Committee
(Ralph Bacon, Leah Gray, Darrell E. Hamilton, Sharon Hamilton, Larry Mozzocco, Christine Murphy, Donnie Peet, Michael Penna, Brenda Sanders, Dorrene Turner, Dominic Volpone and   Heidi Ward)    -   Ringing of the Bicentennial Bell

       Bicentennial Committee & Speakers

      Rev. Kenny Roberts gives opening words & prayer

Chairman Darrell E. Hamilton speaks on the history of Ashtabula

City Manager Augie Pugliese

  City Manager Augie Pugliese gives city "Key Pins" to Larry Mozzocco & the Bicentennial Committee members.

Ringing of Bicentennial Bell
12:00 p. m. - Entertainment - North Park
"Gloria Jean Trio"

     Gloria Jean Trio (plus one)

6:00 p. m. to ? - Bicentennial Bocci Tournament
at Walnut Beach Courts
6:00 p. m. - Concert
"Blues Project"

Saturday, June 7
9:00 a. m. to 3:00 p. m. - Bocci Tournament, continued
10:00 a. m. - Bula Marathon - see Sporting Events for pictures
Starts at Hubbard House
at Walnut Blvd. & Lake Ave.
12:00 p. m. - Miss Ashtabula Bicentennial Beauty Contest
2:30 p. m. Wedding in North Park
"Carol Wolfe & Bryan Lewis"
3:00 p. m. - Basketball free throw contest
 6:00 p. m. - Concert - North Park
"Black Byrd"

Black Byrd

Sunday, June 8
10:00 a. m. - 12:00 p. m. - Church Service North Park
Ecumenical Ohio/Ashtabula Bicentennial Service 10 a.m. Sunday June 8 at the North Park Gazebo with Rev. Steve Sargent, Hiawatha Church of God speaking on the Underground Railroad in Ashtabula County. Special music is also planned. Sponsored by the downtown Churches.
1:00 p. m. - Entertainment - North Park
6:00 p. m. - Concert - North Park
                      "Lighthouse Dixieland Jazz Band                  Rained Out - rescheduled for Saturday,  June 14, 11:00 a.m                
Monday, June 9
6:00 p. m. - Senior Center - Main Avenue
"Carl E. Feather"
Inspirational and documentary multi-image (slide)
presentations by Carl E. Feather

Tuesday, June 10
6:00 p. m. - Concert - North Park
"Moon Dance"

Mike Penna getting down!


Wednesday, June 11
6:00 p. m. - Concert - North Park
"The Happy Wanderers"
                                          (John & Linda Riddell)

Thursday, June 12

6:00 p.m. Concert - Edgewood High School Auditorium
"Tammy Cochran"

At Casa Capelli Restaurant - The Bicentennial Princess & Queen dine with the crew & band of Tammy Cochran. Oscar Tomasio (owner) is in the background.

Tammy Cochran on stage             Bicentennial Princess & Queen at Tammy Cochran Concert

Tammy Cochran autographs memorabilia for the fans. Tammy put on a great concert for her fans. She was extremely friendly to everyone. We are so honored that she never forgot her roots and came back to Ashtabula County. Tammy is a very sweet and beautiful young lady. Maybe someday we can convince her to return for another concert.

Selling Bicentennial Memorabilia at Tammy Cochran Concert       (above & below)

Tammy Cochran is interviewed by Star Beacon reporter, Megan Poinski

Darrell Hamilton presents Tammy with a "Ashtabula City Key Pin. He also presented her an "Ohio Bicentennial Pin". Darrell also presented Tammy with Ashtabula Bicentennial T-Shirts and Historical Programs for her and her parents. Just think, there are Bicentennial T-shirts touring the country with Tammy Cochran!

Tammy Cochran with Darrell & Sharon Hamilton & their grandchildren, Christina & Alex Rose.


Friday, June 13  
6:00 p. m. - Concert - North Park
"Gloria Jean Trio"

                    Saturday, June 14                                                                    Bicentennial Softball Tournament
                         11:00 - a. m.                                                         12:00 - p. m. - Entertainment
North Park
"King Pins"
12:00 - Antique Auto Show & Swap Meet

Princess and Queen

4:00 - Parade

1953 Parade

6:00 - Concert
"Black Byrd"

Sunday, June 15
10:00 a. m. - 12:00 p. m.- Church Service  - North Park
The Ashtabula Pentecostal Church of God will host the Sunday morning service. The Rev. Kenneth Roberts, Pastor of the Church will be speaking on the topic of "Our Heavenly Father". Special singing will be provided by the PCG Voices of Praise Choir, the PCG youth band, Voices of Victory, and a variety of other vocalists from the Church.
Come and celebrate this very special Fathers Day with us!!!
12:00 - Father's Day Contestant winners awarded prizes!

Father's Day Contest winners: Stephanie Stranman & Taylor Fetters. They each received Ashtabula Bicentennial T-shirts, Ashtabula Bicentennial Programs, and Father's Day dinners for them and their fathers. See contests for more pictures & entries.

More pictures to come!