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Courtesy of Lamar Advertising

       Official Historical Programs are available at Hershey's Ice Cream Parlor, Lofthouse Books, both on Main Avenue  for three dollars. By mail, please add two dollars for shipping and handling. (The programs contains old photos and historical sketches of Ashtabula and surrounding communities.

Our Princess & Queen
Our Bicentennial Queen, Stephanie Morris & our Bicentennial Princess, Stephany Millick. Among the many prizes they each received were dinners to Casa Capelli and a $500 scholarship to any accredited college or university in Ohio. Stephanie Morris is attending Lake Erie College. Stephany Millick is Senior at Lakeside High in Ashtabula and will using her scholarship next year. Stephanie Morris' scholarship was donated by Leah Gray and Stephany Millick's scholarship was donated by Darrell E. Hamilton.
Tammy Cochran & Darrell E. Hamilton