Hey Darrell,
I don't know if you remember my last email: that I would be in Southern Ohio but wasn't sure I could make it. As you know, I didn't, and I was very sorry to miss it. I was thinking of all of you there Saturday, and Saturday evening.
Saturday morning I visited the traveling wall in Beallsville Ohio. That town of 500 lost six of it's sons in Viet Nam. I understood that ratio-wise that would be like New York City losing a 100,000.
 It is a half-scale replica of the real Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. The traveling wall extends only 250 feet -- half the length of the permanent wall in the nation's capital. The replica is exactly half-scale in every aspect -- the permanent wall is just over 10 feet tall at its apex -- visitors were also assured that every name etched into the permanent wall is on the traveling version, and in the exact same location.
I found Gary Dubach, and Robert Beaver and took pictures and rubbings of their names. I knew both young men, though I knew neither of them well. Nevertheless, looking at their names among those many many rows of names, brought tears, and even now just thinking about it, my throat closes up. If it ever gets close to Ashtabula, be sure to go visit.
I have attached a picture of me...just cause I can...and 3 of the wall
I thought you might like to use the pictures of the wall in the class web site.
Mary Beth

Thank You Mary Beth (Broaston) Chickering!