Holiday Get Together 2004

Vickie, Debra, Nancy Tom Partridge talking to Tom Doll

       Well Classmates, 2004 is drawing to an end and I'm still among the breathing? Anyway
boys & girls, we had twelve classmates and 2 wives and a daughter at our annual "Holiday Get Together". Jim Riffle kept popping in. His boss wouldn't let him off work long enough to sit down and "shoot the breeze with us". You'd think his boss would have given him a long enough break to sit down with us. After they have exactly the same name.
       Jim Von Tesmar peeped in the door but he wouldn't sit with us. I don't think any of us had cooties but you never can tell. After all Jim Riffle put us in our own private room in the back with a fire place and a gave us pretty young blond waitress in which "Beaner" was trying to get to know real well. Her name was Heidi which I won't forget because that is my daughter's name. I'm sure Beaner won't and that even isn't his daughter's name which by the way came with him.
       The camera I was using was a new camera I bought which takes a disc. I'm just learning how to use it. Some of the pictures did not turn out to well as I was trying out all the features of the camera. Some of the pictures of Vickie Partridge show a light on her. Maybe she is the Christmas ANGEL? Anyway, Jerry Maunus took some of the pictures. I guess he wanted to make sure I appeared in at least one of the pictures.
Heidi takes Tom Doll's order. Vickie, Debra, Nancy & Doug
Donna & Sharon Looking east towards Beaner
Jim Von Tesmar steps into the doorway. Jerry tries to get Jim to stay but alas Jim could smell the "Cooties" on Jerry.
Tom Doll Tom, Debra & Nancy
Beaner & Jerry Teresa ( Beaner's daughter)
Tom & Doug Blanchard Beaner, Teresa (Beaner's daughter) & Jerry
Sharon & Darrell Doug Harper
Doug & Tom Debra & Nancy
Vickie, Debra & Nancy Tom Doll & the Village Idiot in the background
Darrell & Beaner Jerry
Tom Doll Doug Harper & Donna
Tom Doll Donna (Lewis) Mundi
I experimented with the sepia tone effects.  What do you think girls? Tom Doll
Jerry Doug & Donna
The party is about to come to an end. Goodbye!
Nancy, Doug Blanchard & Tom Ditto

I tried a different effect for this picture. What do you think?

Jerry & Doug Harper

Doug Blanchard & Teresa  
Teresa & Paul Cochran - (Who?) Jim Riffle & Jerry
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
P. S.
Happy New Year