Old Ashtabula City Hall After 1904






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Twentieth Century of Ashtabula:

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1904  1905  1906  1907

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Early History of Ashtabula General Hospital

The Farmers National Bank (Casa Capelli) Building

Trinity Presbyterian Church

     This is only a short sketch of  history  on  Ashtabula  City, Ashtabula Township, Plymouth and  Saybrook.  Since Kingsville and Sheffield were also a part of   Ashtabula  Township at one time, there will be short sketches of history on those communities as well as the rest of Ashtabula County, Northeastern Ohio, and the great state of Ohio.
     I am in the process  of  writing a  complete   history on the city  of   Ashtabula  and the  surrounding  townships  which has  never  been done.   If  you  feel  that  you have anything to  contribute  to my  book and video,  please   get  in  contact with me.           

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The  following   history  pages   are short  sketches  from
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First Presbyterian Church