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This is a list of Classmates by state of residence
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Barbara (Benham)  Cutright AL November 14
John Dramis AZ September 19 
William Brown AZ April 8
Louise (Grubb) Coffelt AZ June 5
Patrick McNamara AZ
Anita Trotter-El-Amin AZ April 13
James Walsh BC, CA August 11
Robert McCartney CA January 29
David Sparks CA December 22
Charles Thornhill CA December 27
Carlos Morales Costa Rica July 15
Linda Dalton   (Friddle) DC December 18
Walter Barchanowicz FL May 10
Thomas Dinger FL October 21
Raymond Hare FL February 3
Diane  Hackathorn FL November 9
Douglas Humphrey FL January 4
Tony Kindoll FL October 19
Sharon Osborn-Tackett FL October 30
Daniel Parrett FL
Robert Rinto FL February 20
Georgina Rosario-Padilla FL
Margaret Steen-Mitchell FL
Kenny Tackett FL January 30
Mary Beth (Broadston) Chickering GA November  2
Susan Hill-White GA March 14
Ann  (Pavolino) Lawrence GA November 25
Michael Wisnyai GA October 29
Einar Olsen IA
Sally Richards-Smith IN
Lynda (Walton)  Graeb IN November 28
Lois (Linderman)   Vaughn KY January 5
Bud Staley MA December 30
Mary Ellsworth (Brown) MD February 13
John Houser MD April 23
Wayne Kaikko MD March 30
Susan Svenson MD July 15
Sherry (Karsikas) Chisholm MS April 6
Sandra (Fleming)  Allen MI May 11
Ted Cumston NC
Donald (Braid) Platz NC March 13
James Dramis NC September 19
Christopher Hearn NC December 5 
Robert Moore NC February 16
Rebecca Warriner-Eisenhour NC July 7
Sharon (Wilson)  Sheetz NC February 20
Bruce Burns NY September 7
Kathy Deligianis-Hickey NY May 3
Miriam Snyder-Jacobs NY
Nancy (Airaksinen)  Brail OH March 9
Susan Amidon OH June 28
Dan Aronson OH July 7
Cindy Babcock-Hummer OH November 14
Linda Baird-Jokiniemi OH May 17
David Baker OH July 27
Frank Battles OH June 20
Linda Bisaroe-Henderson OH October 22
Douglas Blanchard OH July 12
Scott Blum OH August 4
Mary Bobbit-Austin OH April 16
Thomas Brace OH May 6
Bruce Brayman OH July 2
Marilyn (Brown)  Jackson OH
Mark Burg OH
Marcia Burg-McLean OH August 27
Linda Burger-Watts OH January 15
Barbara Burnette-Platz OH July 25
Judy Bush OH March 15
Mark Calaway OH February 13
Margaret Callendar Black OH February 1
Al Campany OH
Bruce Campbell OH November 10
Joann Campbell-Perry OH
Mickey Caudill OH November 18
David Chapman OH November 5
Mona Chapman-Callahan OH July 27
Margaret Claussen-Coutts OH
Paul Cochran OH February 5
Cheryl Colucci-Chapman OH  October 10
Sherry Cooley-Faulk OH December 20
Linda (Cork)  Van Buren OH June 22
Mimi (Cress)  Kress OH February 11
Dennis Crislip OH September 29
Ivory Culpepper-Wofford OH August 17
Glenis (Cutlip)  Caudill OH December 13
Janet Dalin OH June 23
Paul Daniels OH July 30
Wanda Daugherty-Waller OH August 20
Carol Dewey-Sage OH November 23
Cindy (Diamond)  St. Angelo OH July 27
Charleen (Diedrichs)  Steele OH May 26
Tom Doll OH June 2
Susan Doyle OH August 4
Rae Dubach OH March 3
Keith Ecklund OH August 7
Deanna (Evans)   Ekholm OH November 13
Sheila (Ekholm)  Hill OH September 29
Tom Eller OH October 11
Sandra Emmel-Moore OH January 20
David Estes OH August 13
Donald Fassett OH March 24
Greg Felde OH May 31
Rick Fenton OH June 26
Gary Ferguson OH
Darl Fetters OH September 12
Chris Flack OH May 22
Nancy Flack OH January 23
Monte Foltz OH October 14
Patricia (Foy)  Fuller OH February 17
Linda Freede-Wallace OH March 27
Debbie Frohnaple-Severino OH March 6
Karen Frost-Caudill OH October 21
William Fuller OH July 11
Sheila Gallo OH April 30
Alma Gerrick-Keaton OH March 16
Patti (Giannell)  Thomas OH May 6
Dave Gillespie OH September  26
Jerry Glaus OH
David Grant OH June 27
Bobby Gray OH
James Green OH November 29
Darrell Hamilton OH August 32
Steve  Hamilton OH December 8
Joyce Hamilton-Newsome OH December 17
Kathy Hanselman  (Walters) OH July 10
Doug Harper OH June 9
Eugene Hartman OH December 11
Tom Harvey OH March 9
Danny Hazeltine OH April 2
Douglas Herl OH August 17
Charles Holmes OH
Charles R. Holmes OH August 28
Karen Hoplight-Kidman OH April 26
Robert Horn OH November 2
Siegfried Horn OH August 29
Robert Houser OH August 5
Charles Hutchinson OH September  12
Clyde Jackson OH August 16
Allyne Johnson OH March 1
Barabra Jones OH December 15
Terry Kalinowski OH August 3
Terry Kaplan OH September 11
Greg Kaydo OH May 6
Dennis King OH April 11
Donald Koski OH April 6
James Langton OH August 8
Donna (Lewis)  Mundi OH July 23
Elaine Lilly-Waller OH February 20
Lorraine Locher-Fetters OH February  6
Marjorie (Long)  Marion OH December 16
Linette Lowe-Chaney OH
Brenda Loyd-Simons OH November 15
James Marion OH January 7
Nancy Marple-Kellogg OH December 15
Sandie (Marsh) Wintz OH April 11
David Marshand OH June 2
Greg Marzec OH
James Mason OH July 19
Jerry Maunus OH October 15
Sherry McCloud OH May 16
Brenda McCool-Poff OH April 19
Linda Meredith-Scott OH April 29
Thomas Miller OH
AlJean Miller-Haggard OH April 16
Debra Mixer-Hamilton OH February 4
Rosalind Moody-Lanton OH July 4
Phyllis Moore OH June 26
Linda Moore-Gray OH September 23
Gail Morefield-Dombrowski OH
Tammy Munger-Herman OH September 24
Darwin Noce OH May 26
Jane Norton OH April 20
Douglas O'Brien OH October 10
Carol Palmer OH January 17
Harold Palmer OH September 5
Brenda Panzone-Keyes OH May 6
Gregory Parker OH August 30
Tom Partridge OH November 10
Carolyn Payne-Grant OH
Rosemary (Pebble)   Fanning OH May 27
Joseph Peckol OH June 13
Pamela (Tina) Pedro-Meany OH June 23
Danny Peoples OH
Evelyn Perkins OH
Virginia (Persinger)  Darrah OH July 4
Anna Petro-Allshouse OH March 13
Linda Pierce-Roberts OH November 2
Harold Pinney OH April 12
Debby Pinney-Hotaling OH February 8
Judith Pinney-Bell OH October 6
Sariann  Platz OH June 6
Miriam (Snyder)  Jacobs OH
Debra (Presciano)  LaPierre OH February 24
David Puterbaugh OH  July 27
Lynn Randolph OH November 17
Martin Reed OH January 14
Debbie Rice-Rutz OH
James Riffle OH January 14
Michael Riley OH March 28
Kathy Rimpela-Downs OH September 9
Ronald Rocco OH October 7
Debra Root OH May 19
Dale Ruple OH September  12
Barbara Salrin-Urban OH June 26
Linda (Scafuro)  Petros OH January 5
Maribeth (Scheanon)  Ecklund OH May 22
Michael  Sharkey OH May 2
Robert Sheer OH January 13
Karen Shelott-Arcaro OH June 19
Albert Shemal OH March 15
Greg  Simmons OH April 8
Tom Simon OH October 2
Bonnie Simonds-Nixon OH September  24
Robert Simons OH July 27
William Snitcher OH June 15
Sandra Sousa-Lillis OH April 17
Shirley Steed-Carraher OH April 13
Janice Sterling-Lenart OH
Thomas Stevenson OH December 1
Vera (Stjerna)  Cornell  OH April 14
Cindy Strain-Kitchen OH March 3
Sandy Sullivan-Keefer OH March 12
Marie Supina-Bly OH February 10
Michael Swartout OH
Sandra Tennant-Leonard OH October 11
Bette Thompson-Daughtery OH July 13
James Tidd OH February 18
Vicki Van Tassel-Mozzocco OH February 4
Tom Vitaz OH September  19
Glenetta (Viton) Campbell OH July 1
James Von Tesmar OH March 3
Linda (Whipple)Lachey OH October 18
Rita Wilkinson OH May 26
Libby Wolfe-Frye OH April 3
Shirley (Wood)  Stowe OH October 12
Sandy Zetlaw-Pavik OH August 25
Rich Zinsky OH September 25
Gary Cleversey OR
Ronald Hornack PA
Micheal Herron PA November 25
Susan Otto SC May 10
Robert Strawbridge SC
Sharon Verdi-Sherbourne SC August 11
James Cevera TN November 11
Sonja Houck (Wagner) TN March 31
Constance Vettel (Rollins) TN December 1
Tom Cevera TX February 7
Beverly Chapel TX
Venda Newsome-Stitt TX December 28
Paula (Wakser) McDonald TX March 20
Foster Baker VA March 17
Cheryl Bratzel-Bellows VA
Norman Cook VA October 8
Susan (Shepard)  Roach VA April 9
Kathy (Cole)  Shinault WA August 4
Karen Davino WA September  29
Raymond Kelley  WA September 12
John Hladek WV September 30
Werner Noesner WY March 3



If you know where any of the following classmates are, 
or if you find yourself here,
please send email to

Don Brail
Tom Carpenter
Margaret Collister-Swan
Barbara Dodge May 26
Gerald Foster
William Glosser September  1
Virginia Hewitt May 5
William Hughes
Linda Keller February 23
Janice Krueger
Kathy Leslie December 23
Martade Lourdes
Martha  Miller August 7
Peggy Murphy October 10
Janet Norris Barnett
James Richards
Carmen Rodriques
Victor Rodriguez September  8
Sue Utz October 10
Mary Weagraff March 6